Runway to Tabletop ~ Sequins and Zoe‏

Rachel Zoe knows sequins.  
Her sense of style has always been a source of inspiration around our office.  One thing we share with the designer/stylist is a love of sparkles!  If you have ever watched The Rachel Zoe Project you’ll remember how vocal she was about her love of sequins.  This obsession spilled over into her recent fall collection which was filled with not only fun but more importantly, WEARABLE sequined attire.  I’ve been obsessing over this white sequined dress ever since I saw it in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.  I bet you can guess what I’m wearing to the company party, can’t you?
rachel zoe
With the holiday’s coming up, make sure to add some glitz to your next event.  Try the glimmer of a sequined backdrop or a dazzling tablescape with sparkling linens.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

However you can, take a cue from Ms. Zoe and add some panache to your holiday parties with a touch of sequins.  
xo Ally
The Pinterest Princess 

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