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Runway to Tabletop ~ 70s chic‏

What goes around comes around, especially when it comes to fashion.  While clothing styles are constantly revolving, 70s chic is having a resurgence.  The new movie American Hustle showed off the disco era at its finest. The film was a feast of fabulous fashion!  I was completely entranced by Amy Adams wardrobe of sequins, fur, and specifically all the glistening gold details.

 American Hustle fashion | clothing styles of the 70s


For a past event, we created our own flashy and brassy display starting with golden lamé backdrop and shimmering textured linens.  Satin chair treatments added to the extravagance of the event.  Our textured white linens reminded me of the pleated maxi dresses that were so popular during the days of disco.

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To achieve your own 70s themed event, be brash, be bold, and over-the-top.  It will make your event just as decadent as the 70s were.

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